The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thomas Family Secret

Adoption has changed me more then I ever imagined. It has changed the way I think, feel, love and how I see the world. I knew that Gavin's journey would bring changes but I had no idea how many. It hasn't been easy. Ok, in all honesty it has been HARD, hard work. With that hard work comes change and understanding. Patience comes from hard work. I have reminded myself many times that God never said it would be easy. So why in the world would we do it all over again......... Yep you read that right!!! Because Gavin is absolutely without a doubt worth it. Children need a home where they are free to run, play, laugh, cry, scream and more then anything be Loved. They need to know that God loves them. Children are a blessing and I will take as many of those blessing as God thinks we can handle. I know that I can handle way more then I give myself credit for. God shows me that everyday :) I'm pretty sure you have figured out the Thomas secret by now :) Drum Roll...............

We are Adopting!!!!!!!! The Thomas Crew is growing again!!

This time we are doing things a little differently then last time. We are adopting from the United States. There is a few reasons why we have choose this route. One of the main reasons is costs. It is extremely expensive to adopt internationally. There is a part of my heart that has a big desire to do that again but it is simply not feasible. We have chosen to adopt through the foster-adopt program, which is free. We have already completed our fingerprints and are deep into the paper pregnancy. We have been assigned our social worker and are working on the homestudy. We are filled with excitement to see Gods plan for our growing family. This program is very different then when we choose Gavin. We will be matched with a child this time. Our desire is to adopt a little girl younger then seven because of our family dynamics. So there's my's sure to be a wild ride!!

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