The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Serving Others

Service to others..... I have been thinking about this a lot lately and what it actually means. Scripture is very clear that we should go out and serve others. That we should be his "Hands and Feet".  How often are we called to do things that we never follow through with? Personally I know I ignore most of my callings on a daily basis. Though we say that we trust him, I often wonder if we really do. A few weeks ago I was out with the kids at the library. On our way out we noticed a older women sitting on a bench. You know that feeling when you see someone in need and you look away to avoid eye contact. Why do we look away? Is it because we are too scared to do something. I have been working hard to teach my children to follow their hearts, to show kindness. To help others in need and put everyone else before them. This lesson is very difficult for children. Children are born innocent but also selfish. On that day we didn't turn away. We drove over to the taco bell and returned with lunch for that women. The children then said "Mom there is more people here hungry, what can we do". This is what I call setting the seed. Children learn by example. I could give them 100 lessons on service but showing them what service looks like is a life long lesson. As you all know I am a strong believer in adoption. I believe that there is a family for every lost orphan. A treasure just waiting to be found. Gavin has taught our family more then I could give in "lessons" in my entire life. My children have learned more about selfless acts then most adults will ever understand. I had no idea that the adoption of Gavin would change my heart on so many levels. The joy that comes from my dear little prince lights up a room.  Adoption is hard work! None of it is easy but God never said that serving others was easy or convenient.

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