The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Missing in Action......

Missing in action... It's been a few weeks since a update. Gavin has been doing pretty good. Last year was such a rollercoaster. One hospital stay after another. This year has been calm and steady for now.  It seems that he is doing a lot better with his urinary devices and stent. I think we have also found better antibiotics for him that help prevent infections. He is changing and growing emotionally every month. Gavin has developed both emotionally and developmentally at super speed. In 14 months he has come so far. From emotionally starting at a 1-2 year old level to now getting dressed on his own and getting on the bus to school every day. It is amazing to watch him develop past his 2 year old brother which was at one point his "twin" and now Tyler is his "little brother". Gavin is developing into a typical 7 year old little boy. He has a best friend that he spends lunch, recess and most Thursday nights with :) He loves to play outside on his scooter and has even learned how to ride his bike without training wheels! He could barely navigate stairs 14 months ago. He is now drawing monsters, his name and numbers on paper. He was making scribbled lines 14 months ago. He was using both hands when he came home and he has now picked a dominate hand, and I am proud to say he's a lefty. I feel like we are making strives in our attachment problems. I have reached out for help from his teachers and family friends in this area. We are trying to teach him that not everyone needs hugs and kisses. This is difficult for Gavin because he simple loves everyone. In order for us to bound though he needs to be able to recognize there is difference between his family and everyone else. We continue to work on our Mother-Son relationship. Yes I have been missing in for facebook, I am fasting from facebook :) Observing Lent this year was a personal conviction for myself. I felt like I needed to reconnect with Jesus and spend more time in his word and less time on other things. If you need to contact me send me an email and don't worry I will be back soon :)

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