The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Monday, January 13, 2014

Selfless Acts of Love

Fundraising can be really exhausting at times and then your reminded that people want to help. God continues to show me through this storm that he is in charge. He continues to send angels to calm the storm and give us much needed rest. I am blown away by peoples generosity and love. This past weekend I met some of the kindest and selfless people I have ever met. Their selfless acts are a wonderful encouragement to show love to strangers. They weren't all strangers though. I found out Gavin had a very special friend at school. A best friend...  A friend that doesn't see renal failure, orphan or deaf. Just a child that sees Gavin! That loves Gavin for the fun loving, crazy child he is. She said "Gavin just wants to play and run"! With the help of her family, friends and the community they put on an amazing garage sale for my special little prince. Watching him and his best friend run around and play just reminded me what love can do.

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