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The Thomas Crew

Friday, January 24, 2014

Military family needs help!

The Military life is different then the civilian world. It's always been different. It's not like the show Army Wives but it is a unique community. With this community comes strength and support like you could never imagine. We all have a very similar cause and that cause is to support our husbands. It is hard for me to explain the feeling of that last hug and kiss before they board a plane to war. That emotion is something you never forget as a military wife. As hard as it is, it brings us closer. It separates us from the outside world.  It's a community made out of trust and support. I have made lasting friendships at every duty station we have been to. We have moved 6 times in 12 years. Yep that's a lot of work! But never without support. This post has to do with support. Military support! I came across a post last week by a women collecting shoes! Oh yes another shoe collector but she is collecting shoes for another cause. The post was in a military resale group. It immediately caught my eye "Collection shoes to bring our children home"!! Yep that's my kind of military wife. Let me introduce you to this wonderful family committed to saving two orphans. They hosted a little boy from the Ukraine and have decided to trust God and move forward with adopting him and his sister. Now this is no easy task. Adoption is very expensive for any family but for a military family it is near to impossible. They have trusted God that he will provide the $35,000 to bring these children HOME! You may be asking "How can I help with that amount" Please remember when we were trying to bring Gavin home. It took us $23,000 to rescue him. We raised half of that cost with fundraising. Every single penny that you give adds up. Really if you break down the cost of adoption over 300 people it's not a lot at all. That would be $116 per person. Or if we divide it by 600 people it would be  $58. I know that even $58 is a lot but there is other ways to help too. Donations of $5-$10 add up very fast!!  Donate shoes, donate items to auction, share share and share, and Pray. Sharing is so important to fundraising. People really want to help if you give them the opportunity but you have to share the stories. So here is where you go to help:
You can win a iPad mini here IPad
You can donate shoes-- bring them to me!
Or you can give here: Donate

Lets help this Military Family bring these children HOME!!

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