The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Meeting a very special women

Yesterday we had the privilege to finally meet Nina! I feel like I have known her forever as she worked so hard to get Gavin home. It was a very special day and I was filled with many emotions on my drive home. I talked her ear off and still felt like I needed hours to get all my thought and questions out. Good thing we get to meet again tonight for dinner :) She loves Gavin and he loves her. He was signing her name this morning before the bus came asking where she was. I reassured him that we would see her again tonight. It still amazes me that she is his match. She is so determined to give him this gift. It rest my heart greatly to know that she really does want this. There is no apprehension for her. I actually think she would be upset if something happened which prevented her from donating. She is just amazing and I thank God he led us to her first. Now everything feels so much more real. The reality that my dear son will be loosing his kidney next month and going through dialysis before transplant is now way more REAL. The planning needs to start. We will need babysitters possible 3-4 times a week(I was told yesterday he could require 4 days a week dialysis). We will need meals prepared and children entertained. I will be calling on friends and family to get us through all of this. We need to push our shoe drive and raise the needed funds to keep us above water during this time.  I know We can't possible do this on our own. I also know we aren't alone in Gavin's battle. I can't help but feel terrified for the months to come. I have great faith in the doctors but fear for the pain and suffering Gavin will endure. I fear for our family and the stress this will take on everyone. I have great faith that God will bring us through all of this in one piece. When all is said and done Gavin will be HEALTHY and that is the ultimate goal.

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