The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to say Thank You......

I have no words to express how thankful we are. It is really amazing to have so many people love our little boy as much as we do. When we started this process I felt like everyone thought we were crazy. We had lots of support but I couldn't help but wonder what people really thought. In all honesty at times I thought maybe we were crazy and maybe we took on too much. All those possibilities ran through my head. I had to take a step back and get back down on my knees to remember who brought us to Gavin. How did this all start? Who brought me to my knees the moment I saw his picture? God called us to Gavin. He choose us to be his family. To love him, care for him and heal him.  We always wanted to adopt. We always wanted a big loving family. We had not planned to take on a very sick child. But really if you look at life it's not our plan at all. It is Gods plan and we were willing to listen and trust. In trusting him everything has worked out. At times I wonder how we will do this and then I am quickly reminded we are not alone. We are never alone. Look at all the wonderful people that have given their time, prayers, shoes, donations and soon a kidney to help Gavin.We have so much to be thankful for. Nina is packing her bags to fly here tomorrow. How is it that the very first person to be screened to donate is a match? The very same women that made Gavin's adoption possible. It is amazing what happens in life when you give him the steering wheel.

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