The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Who Is Nina??

Perfect title for all the emails and PMs I have received today. What an AMAZING day it has been. We found out today that Gavin and Ninas blood is a MATCH! She has been going through the screening process for the last month to give Gavin a kidney. The next step is for her to fly to California and have the final testing done. If she passes the final steps then she can donate to him. WOW!! That leaves the question everyone is dying to know. Who is Nina??  Nina works for Children House International. She is the case worker that facilitated every step of the way for us to bring Gavin home. She was the first women I spook to about International adoption and she held my hand the entire time. She kept me from loosing it after months and months of paperwork. She emailed us at 6am when we passed court. She has been an amazing blessing to so many families and so many orphans. I cannot say enough good things about this fabulous Women.  She has never met us or Gavin but felt led to do this. She really wants to do this. What an amazing sacrifice someone would do to save someones life. How do you thank someone for going through all of this? I don't think you can, all I can do is pray she knows my heart and that I am beyond grateful.  God has a hand at every step of this journey.  Please Pray for Nina and Pray that her trip to California will be successful.

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  1. wow, Lindsay, I love the miracle of this. Praying everyday! The kids do to. They all pray for Gavin to get a new "Kidney that Matches." Love the gift from your Nina. What a wonderful person.