The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Update- back in hospital

After 4 weeks in the hospital we were finally discharged last Thursday. We left knowing we might be right back within a few days. Even with these warnings we stayed positive and tried to get everything and everyone organized into our new routine at home. This included 3 new tubes that needed to be cared for and lots of medications, feeding and draining urine. I started to feel like we were getting into a grove by Sunday but Gavin only seemed to be getting worse. He was vomiting and not tolerating meds and feedings. By the third day home his urine output had decreased and I just knew we were in trouble. On Monday he went in for lab work which showed his kidney function was horrible. Worse then it has ever been. We tried some treatment at home Monday night to try and get his labs more stable but it only prolonged the fact that we were headed back to Rady's children's hospital. Our new home away from home. So we are back in the hospital and Gavin's headed for yet another surgery in 2 hours. We found out yesterday that his kidney is swollen(nephrohydrosis) again. We are running out of surgical options and I can feel the frustration from the specialist. Gavin's not "text book" and it's hard to figure out what's going to work for him.  I love his doctors and have to continue to trust Gods got this under control. Today they will put in another device in his kidney, ureter and bladder. We are praying for success. Gavin has been given a time frame of 1-2 years before a transplant but if we can't these problems under control he's going to need a new kidney very soon. I have no idea how our Prince survived in the orphanage for 6 years. The doctors don't know how he possible did it either. All I can say is God knew we were coming to rescue him. I believe with all my heart God held him so tight just waiting for us to step up and listen.

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