The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Love has no boundaries, no rules and no instruction manuals!

Not sure where to begin, as its been such a roller coaster this last week. Gavin Went in on the 19th for surgery. We had planned for him to come home 5 days later but he had one complication after another. He ended up in the ICU over night and even intubated on a breathing tube.  He's now back on the step down unit(Thank You LORD) but we are not sure when he will be home.  We are Praying it's very soon. What seemed like a few simple surgeries for him where not. His kidney began to swell Saturday and his electrolyte have been out of range. The scariest complication was when his sodium reached a very high critical value and he was immediately transferred to ICU. His little tummy has not tolerated his new G-Tube either. They did start him on formula yesterday and he is starting to have that increased.  The team at Rady's children has been amazing! I have never met such wonderful compassionate doctors before. Their bed side manners are so different then the doctors I have worked with. We have had so many ups and downs and to be honest I have spent many moments in the halls, bathrooms and chapel of that hospital giving it all to God. Your perspective on life truly changes when you sit outside with a handful of moms talking about their chronic kidos. I knew in my heart we would have ups and downs with Gavin's health. I was not in any denial about the medical diagnosis he came home with. I am still speechless when a Physician sits down with me and tells me that my love for this child moves them to be a better person. That my compassion to rescue this orphan and save his life has given them hope. I continue to pray that our story touches people. That people realize it has nothing to do with Us. It has to do with LOVE and love has no boundaries, no rules and no instruction manuals. I will continue to update everyone by the day. I will be headed back to the hospital today to switch spots with Andy. Tomorrow Gavin will have another ultrasound of his kidney and then we will have another game plan. We are praying that his kidney will look better tomorrow. If it does not look better then we are more then likely headed back into the OR. Please continue to Pray for my Bulgarian Prince.

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  1. Praying for Gavin and for your family! Our hearts are with you all as I am sure this is a very difficult time having to be with Gavin yet wanting to be with your other littles ones at home. Just know the Lord has great plans and that all any of us, including you, can do is pray for wisdom for the doctors and give it to the Lord to handle. He has plans even when we have no idea what those may entail but I know he has great plans for Gavin!