The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A very special day

I can't explain our excitement today. The entire office at children urology heard our screams coming from the bathroom. It's much more then when your toddler uses the potty for the first time :) I wish I could put into words how Gavin felt today. He was PROUD!! My amazing Bulgarian Prince walked with his head up high today. He screamed with total excitement that he no longer had a tube hanging out of his body. Gavin has never used his bladder. He has never felt the sensation of a full bladder. Today all of that changed for him and he knew it!! He was grabbing for his urine bag all day and when it was nowhere to be found he would scream and dance with excitement. Every time he felt some sensation he would sign "bathroom" and we would run laughing and dancing all the way there. Amazing YES, all in Gods plan Absolutely !!! God had all of this planned. God already knows where Gavin's new Kidney will come from. In my prayers with him tonight all I could say was thank you!! Thank you for allowing me to be his Mom. Why was I so blessed to be called to rescue this orphan? When Andy and I boarded our first airplane to travel across the world to pick up our new son. A dear child in an orphanage we had never met. We looked at each other and said WOW are we really doing this!! I have shared our story because I want people to know that TRUST is enough. You don't have to always understand. Not everyone is going to understand the moves you make in life. As long as you are listening to your heart and The Lord you won't be steered the wrong direction.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tomorrow is the Big Day!!

Our bags are all packed and ready. Tyler, Kaitlyn and Bradley are with Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Steve. My Mom and Steve have became our cheerleaders. Family is forever and they continue to show us each and every day their Love and Support to our growing family. Tomorrow morning we will check into Rady Children's  Hospital. As I tucked Gavin into bed tonight I wished I could explain to him what was coming. I wished I could tell my dear prince that tomorrow is life changing for him.  I knew I couldn't explain any of these things to him but all I could do was hold him and kiss my dear Prince. We have been preparing for this surgery since long before Gavin even came home. My prayers tonight are simple. I pray that Gavin's one kidney will hold steady. I pray that the reconstruction to Gavin's ureter and stent placement will be perfect. I pray that his bladder will work! His bladder is very small and has never been used. This is the first step to many amazing things for our little boy. Please pray for Gavin and the entire medical team tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


When we were at the orphanage the staff told us they had been following our blog for months. They had been watching and waiting for us to come rescue our Prince. I know they have continued to follow Gavin's journey now that he is home.

Thank you Dear friends for caring and loving our little boy so much!

   Here is Gavin at the airport when we arrived in Utah!! Meeting his new Brothers, Sister, Grandmother and friends.

Meeting Mommy and Daddy for the first time!!

                                                   First Kisses
                                 That is the smile of Freedom!

                                     My Bulgarian Prince!!
                            God sets the lonely in Families.

Brother and Sister forever!


                                         He loves his Daddy



                       I cannot imagine my life without him!

                              Grandparents that Adore him!!