The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Monday, February 18, 2013

Busy Busy

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for so long. The last month has been Crazy since we got home with Gavin. We received military orders and are now in our home state California. The house is still 50% in boxes but with 4 kids and one on the way things take time! Yep if you missed that last part we have a new one on the way!! A BABY BOY!!!! We were secretly hoping to give Kaitlyn the sister she longs for but I think this is Gods way of saying remember he's in control and will ultimately determine our family size :) It's kinda comical once you have a large family how people think they have a say in your family size. I have had to bite my tongue a few times and remember family, friends and strangers generally think they have your best interest at heart. I have had a few that have been very supportive and realize we will do what's best for us :)
GAVIN  lets talk about my handsome Bulgarian Prince!!! Yes I mean that with total sincerity. Bulgarian Prince is his name and it will stay forever. I can hear his little feet up stairs right now waking up his brother and jumping on his bed. He has changed so much in the last month. Those first two weeks home where more then I ever expected. They required a ton of patience and prayer. I don't think Gavin had ever heard the word No and his behaviors were out of control. Top that with a new diagnosis of moderate to sever hearing loss and we were lost with communication. I think it's important to be "real" here and not just say all is perfect in the Thomas home. I have hundreds of readers on this blog and about 50% of those are in the process of adoption or have finished. I think its very important to be prepared for your homecoming and the unknown of medical problems that can come up. Gavin is a true blessing to our home and he is worth it!! Absolutely worth it!! We cannot imagine our lives without him. In the short weeks he has been home our children have learned patience, friendship, love, determination, special needs, disability, communication and even how to care for catheters and medical procedures. For those people that thought Gavin would take away from our children I stand by my comments that children are truly a blessing and bring lifelong lesson and LOVE to a home. Whether you have two or eight children. I have had a lot of comments regarding Gavin's medical problems since we got home. Gavin has been seen by lots of wonderful specialist. It has been difficult since we had to move after establishing a good team. His catheter has been changed and he now has leg bag system that's working great but is still temporary. Gavin requires major surgery to fix and reroute his system to work correctly. We are hoping to have this done in March once we are settled into our new home. His kidney failure progressed since his last labs in August and he is in stage 4 renal failure. He's taking medications every day and Dialysis and transplant is in his future. We are just hoping to protect as much function as he has right now.  As for his hearing we need to do one more test to see if a hearing aid or implant will help. We are praying we can get him hearing. We were not aware of Gavin's hearing problems prior to pickup. We are all working together to learn sign language and teach him.
As I said before we can't imagine our lives without him. He is a Thomas and has bounded beautifully with all members of the Thomas house. Please continue to pray for his health and for his new doctors here to determine the best routes for our very special Bulgarian Prince!

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