The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Good, Bad and Ugly

The Good, Bad and Ugly part of adoption

After a recent post on Facebook tonight I felt the need to blog away my frustrations :) I think I need to cut and paste all those comments that came flashing in within minutes of my post. I have posted a few below :)  We knew going into this that not everyone was going to support us. We knew that there would be questions to answer. I love answering these questions. I feel passionate about this journey and stand be our decision to save this Orphans. With all the support also comes the few unsupportive individuals.  I Can't even believe some of the comments regarding my character as a mother. In my heart I know I am a wonderful mother. My children are well cared for and loved to pieces.  I try to not pass judgment and not point fingers. That is not my job but it is so difficult at times. This journey is NOT EASY. This journey is not without sleepless nights and many tears.  The process is so intense, long and frustrating. Is it worth it?? ABSOLUTELY!! A child is worth it. Gavin is a blessing that needs a loving family. We are a loving family and are going to give him a wonderful home!!
Comments from family and friends:
"Just remember you only answer to God and his opinion is all that matters in the end. I admire you for the major sacrifice you are willing to make in order to rescue, love and cherish one of God's precious children...if I am not mistaken that is one of the things he has called us to do?
"What your doing is not only amazing it's inspirational. You've always been amazing so just keep doing what you are doing. You guys are in our prayers!
You have 3 kids, work full time and are married to a military man and aren't already crazy? ;) What's that quote by Dr Seuss? "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind?" I think it's awesome and know you guys will provide Gavin with all the love and care he deserves"!

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  1. love the new pics of your kiddos in the side-bar. still here supporting you Lindsay, I think of your family often, I hope you know that. praying for your family. admiring your courage. life is crazy busy, but never to busy for a child. you are always a reminder to me of that. and I still think of Gavin in the future, and he realizes what he's been given, and you tell him truthfully it was the other way around, that he gave so much to you and your family. and what an amazing thing that will be.