The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I have so much to update but have been so crazy busy with documents and work!

We Received our Referral last week for our little boy!! It was a very exciting week. For those of you not in the adoption community a Referral is a very important part of adoption. It is when the Ministry of the Country your adopting from issues you a child profile and you either accept that child or deny. When families are not adopting children with special needs they are not "matched" with a child until the referral comes. Our situation is a little different because Gavin is a special little boy. Due to his needs we were able to select him for our family. This referral just approves us to move forward with the adoption. We were filled with emotions last week as we signed documents stating Gavin's new name for his Visa. It makes it so much more real!  I won't be able to share his birth name to protect him. We will announce his new name once Court is done and he is a Thomas in the weeks to come :) Along with his referral comes reports about his condition. We were very disheartened to hear that our six year old son weighs 28 lbs. We cannot wait to give him proper medical care to grow and thrive and some InNOut Burgers (Thanks Aunt Julie xoxo)!   More Exciting things came this week! His new furniture is here and ready. We have started a list of items he will need. Clothing, bedding, shoes, toys.......... Yes the list goes on and on. I am officially in total Nesting mode.


New Bunk Beds

New Dresser


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  1. Lindsay, I can't wait for your little boy to come home and get the health care he needs, as well as the love of a family! I know you are the perfect parents for him, and your family will be so blessed to add him to the "crew." Looking forward to seeing this precious boy blossom in the months after he comes home! Sending so much love, and lots of prayers for an easy transition!
    Julie Monteleone