The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Monday, September 10, 2012

Gavin's Visit

Our foundation went to see Gavin last week. We sent a photo album with them and a list of questions. This visit took the place of our first visit that we waived. We just got all the amazing pictures and videos today. Our sweet little boy now knows his family is coming! In one of the videos he is looking at the photo album and there's a picture of us with Mickey Mouse. He must have a book with Mickey in it because he got so excited!  Daddy said "Yep we will be going to Disneyland" :) My heart melted as he said Mama on the video while pointing at pictures of me. We are coming soon little boy!!
Next step I800 approved, Article 5, Court and BRING HIM HOME!!!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Good, Bad and Ugly

The Good, Bad and Ugly part of adoption

After a recent post on Facebook tonight I felt the need to blog away my frustrations :) I think I need to cut and paste all those comments that came flashing in within minutes of my post. I have posted a few below :)  We knew going into this that not everyone was going to support us. We knew that there would be questions to answer. I love answering these questions. I feel passionate about this journey and stand be our decision to save this Orphans. With all the support also comes the few unsupportive individuals.  I Can't even believe some of the comments regarding my character as a mother. In my heart I know I am a wonderful mother. My children are well cared for and loved to pieces.  I try to not pass judgment and not point fingers. That is not my job but it is so difficult at times. This journey is NOT EASY. This journey is not without sleepless nights and many tears.  The process is so intense, long and frustrating. Is it worth it?? ABSOLUTELY!! A child is worth it. Gavin is a blessing that needs a loving family. We are a loving family and are going to give him a wonderful home!!
Comments from family and friends:
"Just remember you only answer to God and his opinion is all that matters in the end. I admire you for the major sacrifice you are willing to make in order to rescue, love and cherish one of God's precious children...if I am not mistaken that is one of the things he has called us to do?
"What your doing is not only amazing it's inspirational. You've always been amazing so just keep doing what you are doing. You guys are in our prayers!
You have 3 kids, work full time and are married to a military man and aren't already crazy? ;) What's that quote by Dr Seuss? "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind?" I think it's awesome and know you guys will provide Gavin with all the love and care he deserves"!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I have so much to update but have been so crazy busy with documents and work!

We Received our Referral last week for our little boy!! It was a very exciting week. For those of you not in the adoption community a Referral is a very important part of adoption. It is when the Ministry of the Country your adopting from issues you a child profile and you either accept that child or deny. When families are not adopting children with special needs they are not "matched" with a child until the referral comes. Our situation is a little different because Gavin is a special little boy. Due to his needs we were able to select him for our family. This referral just approves us to move forward with the adoption. We were filled with emotions last week as we signed documents stating Gavin's new name for his Visa. It makes it so much more real!  I won't be able to share his birth name to protect him. We will announce his new name once Court is done and he is a Thomas in the weeks to come :) Along with his referral comes reports about his condition. We were very disheartened to hear that our six year old son weighs 28 lbs. We cannot wait to give him proper medical care to grow and thrive and some InNOut Burgers (Thanks Aunt Julie xoxo)!   More Exciting things came this week! His new furniture is here and ready. We have started a list of items he will need. Clothing, bedding, shoes, toys.......... Yes the list goes on and on. I am officially in total Nesting mode.


New Bunk Beds

New Dresser