The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Countdown Begins!!

What an amazing opportunity it has been to be on Ten for orphans. The owners of this site are wonderful people. Their passion is truly for the children. There objective is to have 2500 members a month. If 2500 people donated just $10 they could save one orphan every month from a orphanage. $10 is really pocket change if you look at the big picture. They put it in God's hands when it comes to who they will sponsor. We were beyond belief when they picked Gavin. Rebecca and her husband Ben have literally held my hand this last month. It is much more than just a web site to them. We talk daily and I consider them a true blessing to our family. Their passion is amazing. We have started our countdown for the next family to take Gavin's spot. I am not sure who the next orphan will be but I am sure he or she will need your help. My wish for the next 10 days is too watch the number of members on this site multiple. This can only be done with your help!! We need everyone to share! Trust me I have heard it all over the last 6 months. If you are one of the many emails I get daily stating that orphan pictures make you uncomfortable...REALLY??? Starving children with no family SHOULD make people uncomfortable. I will continue to stand by the adoption community and help as many families as possible bring their children home. If this bothers you, then you can unfriend me(if you haven't already). I have been blown away by the LOVE and SUPPORT we have received. My mom is such a wonderful women. She talks about her new Grandson Gavin all the time. She wants constant updates and I know she already adores him. I can't wait to see her baking reindeer cookies this Christmas with all 4 of her grandchildren. I love you Mom and cannot wait to see you at the airport when we arrive with Gavin :) I also get many emails asking where we are in the process and how short are we. Our Dossier is in Country now. We are waiting to hear that it has been translated and submitted to the Ministry of Justice for review. We are still short on funds. We will need about $9000 more for this adoption. I know this can be done. Please everyone Don't close your eyes and ignore the needs of Orphans, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! I have also heard that donated $10 is not enough to make a difference. Well go look at our donation total right now. That all came from $10. That is going to cover all of our Airfare, food, hotel, Gavin's medical and his VISA HOME! Please share Ten For Orphans with your friends, family, and strangers! Most of our donations have come from complete strangers. THANK YOU, We are getting so close. Please continue to pray for Gavin health till we can get him home. TEN MORE DAYS TO RAISE $9000!!!
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