The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Friday, July 13, 2012


Adoption is all about the journey. Holding on tight to Gods hand and praying for the best. We have prayed for direction this last two weeks and have made a decision. We will be Waiving our first trip to Eastern Europe. What does this mean? We won't be traveling twice, only ones. We will be waiving the first meeting trip and just going for the Gotcha trip :)  There is two reasons why we have choose to do this. The first and most importantly is Gavin's medical situation. By waiving the first trip it will save a few weeks. Meaning he will be home a few weeks sooner. The faster we can get him here with proper medical care, the better. The second is the cost. This will save us $6000 in travel cost. This brings up some exciting news. We are now fully funded for travel cost!! Thank you for all your generous donations. It has been amazing to see the grace of God in this journey. We need to rally for the last agency fees in order to be fully funded for this adoption. We are now only $10,817 away from being fully funded. How amazing would that be. We have 18 days left on Ten For Orphans. That is $600 every day for 18 days. I just know this can be done. Please continue to Pray and share!! Sharing helps so much. It helps spread Gavins story and It helps to open peoples eyes to orphans.

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