The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Monday, July 30, 2012

Update on Grant

We are $515 Away from our $2000 seedling Grant from Brittany's Hope. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation you can go here
Or you can donate to our Chipin. We are hoping to make that goal before Gavin is off Ten For Orphans.  We have 1 day and 1 hour left on tenfororphans, I am sad to see our time almost over but excited to see who the next lucky little one will be. We have been so blessed by the wonderful people that support that ministry. I pray that it continues to grow and save one Orphan at a time.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


We have been awarded a Grant through Brittany's Hope Foundation!! It is a seedling grant. We have to fundraise for half of it. So if we can fundraise $1000 they will match that. $2000 to bring Gavin home!! Lets do this!!  This is a pay it forward grant. Half of our Grant needs to be raised by donations. Every Donation of any amount will enter you into a $50 Visa Gift card. Just leave a comment on the ChipIn after you Donate!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hope and Love

I can't help but share my excitement with everyone. The comments continue to fill my email box. Keep them coming :) I will have a Q & A blog post in a few days. We have had $1957 donated in the last 3 days. AMAZING!!! The most touching donations are the $1 donations with stories of hope, encouragement, prayers and love. We are just blown away by all the support and love. I have found that the adoption community is just as close as the military community. I love It!! The passion this community has is like nothing I have ever seen before. They rally together in full force to bring these children home, one at a time. To be honest when we started this journey, I feared what others would think. We couldn't help but wonder what our family and friends would feel. In reality we had nothing to fear at all. The out pour of love and support has left me speechless at times. We have big news coming in the next few days but you will have to wait till then!!






Monday, July 23, 2012

Update on funds needed!!

$1207 since 6pm last night has come in!!!! THAnK YOU!!! $8600 is All we need to bring Gavin home! Please Pray,share and Donate if you can. Every little bit counts!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Update** Donations**

UPDATE- Over $500 in donation in 4 hrs. We only need $9335 to be fully funded now!! I am working hard to return all your wonderful messages. We are so grateful for all of your prayer, donation and shares!! Gavin’s story is spreading and touching people’s hearts. Please continue to stand with us and raise the much needed funds to bring Gavin home!! We can't do this alone. God can move mountains!!

KSL News Video

The Thomas Family on KSL news today!! Please Share Gavins story!!

Sunday Update and KSL news!!

WOW, what an amazing Sunday. With just 9 days left on Ten For Orphans I couldn't help but hold back my tears in church this morning. My prayers were simple. Please Lord help us provide for this adoption. I had no idea during church service my inbox had a very important message come in. An answered prayer for sure. KSL news wanted to tell Gavin's story!!  I spook to Sandra and she and her camera crew were headed to our home. We were so excited and the kids couldn't believe they were going to be on TV! Our story will be on tonight at 5:30 and 10pm. It will also be online later too. I hope we are able to reach peoples hearts tonight. I pray people are moved by Gavin's story. I pray that people open their eyes to the needs of orphans. Gavin needs medical attention. He will not survive without a kidney transplant. We can provide that but we have to bring him home first!! We are still $9855 short on funds to get him home. Will we get there in the next few days??? I don't know but God does!!  Please pray, share and donate to help bring Gavin home. You can make a big difference with a $10 donation or whatever is placed on your heart.
Please make you tax deductible donation Here: Ten For Orphans

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Countdown Begins!!

What an amazing opportunity it has been to be on Ten for orphans. The owners of this site are wonderful people. Their passion is truly for the children. There objective is to have 2500 members a month. If 2500 people donated just $10 they could save one orphan every month from a orphanage. $10 is really pocket change if you look at the big picture. They put it in God's hands when it comes to who they will sponsor. We were beyond belief when they picked Gavin. Rebecca and her husband Ben have literally held my hand this last month. It is much more than just a web site to them. We talk daily and I consider them a true blessing to our family. Their passion is amazing. We have started our countdown for the next family to take Gavin's spot. I am not sure who the next orphan will be but I am sure he or she will need your help. My wish for the next 10 days is too watch the number of members on this site multiple. This can only be done with your help!! We need everyone to share! Trust me I have heard it all over the last 6 months. If you are one of the many emails I get daily stating that orphan pictures make you uncomfortable...REALLY??? Starving children with no family SHOULD make people uncomfortable. I will continue to stand by the adoption community and help as many families as possible bring their children home. If this bothers you, then you can unfriend me(if you haven't already). I have been blown away by the LOVE and SUPPORT we have received. My mom is such a wonderful women. She talks about her new Grandson Gavin all the time. She wants constant updates and I know she already adores him. I can't wait to see her baking reindeer cookies this Christmas with all 4 of her grandchildren. I love you Mom and cannot wait to see you at the airport when we arrive with Gavin :) I also get many emails asking where we are in the process and how short are we. Our Dossier is in Country now. We are waiting to hear that it has been translated and submitted to the Ministry of Justice for review. We are still short on funds. We will need about $9000 more for this adoption. I know this can be done. Please everyone Don't close your eyes and ignore the needs of Orphans, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! I have also heard that donated $10 is not enough to make a difference. Well go look at our donation total right now. That all came from $10. That is going to cover all of our Airfare, food, hotel, Gavin's medical and his VISA HOME! Please share Ten For Orphans with your friends, family, and strangers! Most of our donations have come from complete strangers. THANK YOU, We are getting so close. Please continue to pray for Gavin health till we can get him home. TEN MORE DAYS TO RAISE $9000!!!
Donate Now

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Before I leave for work. I wanted to share that another generous women has started a fundraising party for us at My Thirty One !! There is some very cute stuff on this site. Come check it out!! The party will run until July30!! And Gavin's fund will receive part of the profits :)

Pennies for Gavin

I am so encouraged to see so many people coming together and praying for our little boy. Please rally with us today. We are already at 200 views for this morning. Everyone please share our story and leave $5 if you can. If you can leave $2 or $1 that would help. Pennies ADD up so fast. People often think they wont not make a difference unless they can give a lot. That is not true. We made that matching grant yesterday because everyone gave a little.  We are $120 away from $7000 today. Lets make that happen today. We are encouraged that Garvin's home town is well aware he needs OUT. What if our Dossier is translated today?? We need about $10,000 more for agency fees. I just know we can do this. I have seen miracles happen (look at my 3, soon to be 4 kids)! Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Answered Prayers

Gavins story is being spread like wild flowers. With almost 800 views on our blog today, Thank you!! I just know people are praying hard for Gavin. Those prayers are being answered!! We received word today that they received his medical records and plan to put a rush on his case!! Thank you Lord for answering our prayers. We don't know how fast things will get processed but just knowing that they are aware and plan to push things along gives us peace. I just know that God has a hand in all of this. Please continue to pray that Gavin will be home as soon as possible. This morning I received another email saying we had an anonymous donor that wanted to match anything up to $100. The only info I was given about this family is that they too were in the process of adopting and they are praying hard for Gavin. :) We were given until midnight to reach this goal. Let me tell you I watched those numbers climb little by little. It just shows that Every little bit counts!! We hit that goal in record time within a few hours. We are now at $10,170 away from being fully funded. Another wonderful women has started another fundraiser for the Thomas home. I cant believe the love and support that has come out to help Gavin get home. We are truly thankful for all of you!!! Come see :)
forget us not fundraising

Matching Grant until midnight!!

Matching Grant!! Another family that is In the process of adopting has offered a matching grant up to $100!! A true blessing for sure. We have until midnight to make this possible. Here's how it works. We need $100 worth of donations in the next 15 hrs before midnight tonight and the family will donate $100. Please share!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Renal Failure

 Children hospital in Oakland volunteered to take on Gavin's file. Out of the kindness and generosity for a military family, they did it for free. This was a big blessing since these reviews are very expensive. We received the report late last night. It was a long night for me as I read the 9 page medical review over and over again. While trying to rack my brain around his complicated medical diagnosis and the challenges to come. We will be having a conference call with the specialist later this week but it's pretty clear from the report the severity. He is in stage 4 renal failure. Stage 5 is end stage. The optimum situation to have him transplanted before he gets to 5th stage.  I can't help but fear the unknown. That is where trust and prayer comes in. As I texted Andy late last night the short version of the report his answer was simple. PRAY!!! So that's were you all come in, please Pray for Gavin. Pray that we will get there fast. Pray that when he is home we can find him a match. Pray that the much needed funds will flow in fast. Pray for our strength and courage for the journey ahead of us.  We have 15 days left on Ten For Orphans to raise $10,625. We need some matching Grant opportunities to make this possible??
 If you can help please contact here to remain anonymous.
We also have our giveaway going on still. Share this post and get two Entries!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Moving Mountains

I chatted with some amazing people last night in the adoption community. We had over 100 blog views last night. Imagine if everyone that viewed last night shared Gavin's story!! Please don't dismiss what one share can do. It is how we found Reece's Rainbow site and how we found Gavin. WOW tenfororphans has been growing over night too!! Lets get our little boy home!! We are only $10,635 away now!!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Adoption is all about the journey. Holding on tight to Gods hand and praying for the best. We have prayed for direction this last two weeks and have made a decision. We will be Waiving our first trip to Eastern Europe. What does this mean? We won't be traveling twice, only ones. We will be waiving the first meeting trip and just going for the Gotcha trip :)  There is two reasons why we have choose to do this. The first and most importantly is Gavin's medical situation. By waiving the first trip it will save a few weeks. Meaning he will be home a few weeks sooner. The faster we can get him here with proper medical care, the better. The second is the cost. This will save us $6000 in travel cost. This brings up some exciting news. We are now fully funded for travel cost!! Thank you for all your generous donations. It has been amazing to see the grace of God in this journey. We need to rally for the last agency fees in order to be fully funded for this adoption. We are now only $10,817 away from being fully funded. How amazing would that be. We have 18 days left on Ten For Orphans. That is $600 every day for 18 days. I just know this can be done. Please continue to Pray and share!! Sharing helps so much. It helps spread Gavins story and It helps to open peoples eyes to orphans.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dossier Shipped



Definition of DOSSIER

: a file containing detailed records on a particular person or subject
Well, I for one had no idea what a Dossier was before this path God led us down. See the pic above :) That's our Adoption Dossier!! I had the last important USCIS approval notarized at the bank and then sealed at the capital building today. Our Dossier consist of 14 important documents that we have been diligently preparing for EE. I thought it would take FOREVER to get to this point. Honestly it has felt like forever. Bradley and Kaitlyn ask every day "Can we go get Gavin NOW"? They are ready!!  They are ready to meet their new brother. They are ready to welcome him into our lives with open arms. They are ready to pick out new furniture and a new bunk bed. We are all READY! Now is crutch time, these papers should be there in a few days. Once they arrive they will be translated and presented to the ministry of justice. At that point travel dates are assigned. We are running out of time to fundraise. If you have made a donation, shared and prayed for us, THANK YOU!! Please continue to pray for Gavin and our journey to bring him home.  Ten for orphans is still sponsoring Gavin for another 22 days. Gavin has also been moved up on Reeces Rainbow To the "Almost There" page!! We are still a long way away from being fully funded. We continue to trust that God led us down this path and he will continue to provide the means.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Yes we received USCIS approval today!! We are planning on having our Dossier En Route By Tuesday of next week. I cant believe we are getting so close. Once they receive our dossier it will be translated. At that point they issue an "Official Referral" for us to adopt Gavin. We are getting so close. We have 25 days left on ten for orphans to raise the funds for our adoption. Please help by sharing!! Don't forget to enter the giveaway too.
You get 2 entries just for sharing!!

 Orange diapers Co has also graciously started a auction for Gavin FIRECRACKER-one-size-fitted-diaper-AUCTION-FOR-GAVIN

Its amazing how God is working in our lives these days. Everything in his wonderful timing!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July


 I wanted to take this blog to thank a very special person :) Freedom is not without sacrifice! We celebrate today because WE are FREE. We have lost so many soldiers for our freedom. Please don't forget them and their families today. I am so grateful Andy has made it home safe from many deployments. He has missed lots of memories due to his time away. The bottom picture is of him meeting his daughter for the very first time. That was a very emotional deployment :) But with good family and friends we made it through. We will continue to support you and your determination to keep us safe. We wear our yellow ribbons in this home with great PRIDE for the job he does every day.
Thank you My Love for keeping us FREE!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gavins Urgent medical needs

Gavin is one sick little boy. We have been well aware of his medical problems from the very beginning of this journey. Our fears were confirmed today by a Pediatric Physician that reviewed his chart in great detail. Gavin needs out! It is really that simple. He needs medical care that can only be provided in the US. He has one kidney and that kidney is failing.  He needs a new kidney. In my heart I know that we can provide this for him. We just need to get him home. Please help by sharing Gavins story. Leave a comment in the blog post below for a chance to win. We need every ones help and you never know who you may share his story with. We learned about  Reece's Rainbow site through another family that was adoption a beautiful little girl. Watching their family bring her home and watching her grow and thrive at home has been wonderful. There are so many Orphans that need homes!! If 2% of all Christians adopted then there would be NO orphans. $10 SAVES A ORPHAN We would greatly appreciate your prayers for Gavin's health. We will be submitting important document to immigration in the coming days. These documents will help to put a rush on our adoption and bring him home as soon as possible.

Monday, July 2, 2012




We are in the homestretch. Our dossier should be flying to Eastern Europe in the next few weeks. We are praying to make our first trip to meet Gavin in September. It's time for a giveaway to raise the remainder of the funds needed to bring him home. Let's talk about the details:

Why: Adoption is expensive. They say it takes a village to raise a child, well it takes Gods church to bring one home. We have faith that God will provide. "TRUST AND OBEY". We want to be fully honest. Nobody can handle the price of adoption on their own. To bring Gavin home it is going to cost $29,000. We need $19,875 to be fully funded. YES that's a  lot of money but he is WORTH it. If everyone gives a little it can be done.

Time: Starts Today

Ends July 31

When Gavins spot on Ten for orphans is given to another sponsored orphan.

WHERE: You can Donate at either place


Imagine if 2500 people gave

$10 /month=$25,000(ONE Orphan LESS every Month)


                                        Reece's Rainbow

Reece's Rainbow is a wonderful ministry site that helps hundreds of children find families.


SHARE- Every time you share leave a comment on this blog post for where it is FB, twitter, google, email, at your church = 2 Entries

Donate -

$10.00 - 2 entries
$20.00 - 5 entries
$35.00 - 9 entries
$50.00 - 13 entries
$75.00 - 19 entries
$100.00 - 25 entries
$150.00 - 36 entries
$200.00 - 47 entries
$250.00 - 58 entries
$500.00 - 110 entries

Please leave a comment for how much you donated(comments kept private)

Pray- We need your prayers for a safe trip and for Gavins health.

PRIZES- Now the fun part, what can you win? Winners will pick their prize in the order chosen.

1)$10.00 for Yummy Coffee

2) $25.00 To target

3) $10.00 For In and Out

4) One basket FULL of baby products from MAM(We will give out two baskets that were kindly donated). Wonderful baby shower gift or keep for your little one.

5) Beautiful Gift pack Donated from Teething Bling

6) Beautiful silhouette necklaces
 Made from a photo of your child. Somone very special that is helping us bring Gavin home has offered to make one of these for a Winner.

Possible More prizes to come during the month  :)

Thank you for your continued prayers and donations to bring Gavin home.

**Please leave all comments on this blog post for giveaway**

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Giveaway Tomorrow

We are going to start our giveaway tomorrow!! We have decided to have the giveaway Go until its time for Gavin to leave Ten for Orphans page for the next little one in need. Look for all the details tomorrow.