The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Home study done

I met with our social worker today and received the final notarized home study. The home study is basically A long(12 page) report about the Thomas family :) it goes into great detail about our upbringing and childhood. Then it goes on and on about our lives as adults and info about our kids. It included all of the reference letters from family and friends. I read over some of it tonight. It was interesting to read another persons views on my family. It was Also great encouragement to read the final statments regarding her recomendation, " I highly recommend this family to adopt this child with special needs". I often hear that this little boy is so blessed to have us coming to get him, Nope we are trully blessed to be chosen to be his family. We have received a new updated medical report. To be honest, some of the information is scary. I can't help but feel emotionally attached already and fear for his health. I long to bring him home and give him proper medical care and the Love he needs to grow and thrive. This week has been full of excitement. We also got new pictures and Videos! I loved sharing these with Bradley and Kaitlyn. I imaging them all running around the house screaming and playing together :) The next adventure in this wild ride is to wait for our scheduled biometrics. These are another set of important fingerprints. Then we will be compiling the Dossier. The dossier is the last major step!!

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