The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Monday, June 18, 2012

Biometrics Scheduled


We GOT THE LETTER!! Yes you read that right!! Are appointment is not until the 28th but most people are able to walk in early. We will be headed to the court house tomorrow and praying they fingerprint us. This is a BIG step. Once these fingerprints are approved we send in our DOSSIER. The last pile of paperwork. We have documents in 3 different states right now being apostille for our dossier.  Once the Dossier is approved they send us TRAVEL DATES!! WOW can you feel my excitement. We are getting so close to meeting our little boy.

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  1. That's great that you're getting closer to completing your Dossier! We'll be praying that your USCIS approval comes quickly (we received ours 4 days after getting our biometric prints taken).

    We're adopting 'Mikale' on RR from the same country. We're currently waiting on our written referral. Getting so excited to be travel hopefully next month.