The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Amazing Women

I can't even begin to explain the excitement in the Thomas home this weekend. We just had are first drop off of amazing treats for the bake sale tomorrow. I have said many times that this is a journey, a leap of faith. The emails I have received this week have only confirmed that. Stories from amazing women. About their challenges with motherhood and faith. Thanking us for allowing them to help??? At first I thought WHY in the world are they thanking Us? Then I realized the impact of our story is working in other peoples lives as well. Thank you Lord!! I feel like it has already been a successful bake sale and we haven't even sold anything yet.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Medical needs

Here is a Question I hear often :)
Q: What are his medical needs?
Gavin has one functioning kidney w/permanent catheter. He only has one kidney that functions and that kidney has hydronephrosis. As a result, he has a permanent catheter that allows the urine to go from the kidney to the bladder and then out the catheter. At this time, due to the resources available in the orphanage setting. The catheter is set up so that it empties directly in a diaper (they do not use urine bags). The catheter is changed out regularly. He will most likely require a transplant in the near future. He does not have any other medical concerns. Developmentally, Gavin is doing very well. His gross motor skills are well developed. He walks, runs, jumps, climbs and rides a tricycle. His fine motor skills are also well developed. He demonstrates an appropriate pincher grasp and is in the beginning stages of handwriting. He understands everything that is said to him. He's talking, but his articulation is not perfect. He can correctly pronounce one and two syllable words. He follows verbal directions. He's very social. He's described as a cheery and affectionate little boy. He has developed a bond with a particular caregiver and he enjoys her attention. He eats independently from a spoon and drinks from an open cup. He's not toilet trained at this time due to the current setup of the catheter to drain into a diaper. We cant wait to bring him home and get him the appropriate medical care that needs.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pastor meeting

Today was a wonderful day to spread the word about children in Bulgaria. I feel like we need to not only bring Gavin home but also educate others. We met with are Pastor at South Mountain and shared Gavins story. He was very encouaging and gave me a much needed pep talk. We set up a bake sale for the 27th at Church. Its amazing how supportive friends and strangers have been in this journey. Also the Facebook challenge is going GREAT!! Keep them coming friends ;)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Facebook World

A very encouraging family member had a wonderful idea. People often think that giving $20 does not help. But when it comes to adoption every $20 counts and they ADD up very fast. So Here is our first Fundraising event. I have 143 friends on facebook. If every friend donated $20 that would be $2860!! WOW that would cover BOTH of our Airfare round trip to "B". Lets make it happen!! Please help spread the word!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Yep that's about it. The wonderful waiting game of Adoption. It kinda like the military. You RUSH RUSH RUSH to get somewhere only to sit for hours on end. We are now waiting for our homestudy to be completed by the social worker. It should be done in the next two weeks. Once this 10 page book about our family is completed it will be approved by our adoption agency and sent to a far away place :) Speaking of our adoption agency. We are working with Children's House International They have been WONDERFUL. Our case worker has been amazing and I have been truly touched by how important these children are to them.