The Thomas Crew

The Thomas Crew

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Special needs

This is my blog so I'm going to be Honest. First let me start by saying children are a BLESSING not a curse. A child with special needs will only add joy to our home. For the most part Almost all the feedback regarding our adoption has been positive and very encouraging. The very few comments that have not been positive we have rolled of our shoulders and continued on with even more determination. Are other children are so excited to welcome a new member into our home. What better way to teach a child about Gods creation. Yes, I truly believe that in Gods eyes all children are perfect. He created them!! I will leave it at that. Here is the exciting news!!! We have officially sent commitment papers to "B". We are waiting so patiently to hear whether or not we are the family for a very special little boy. I'm not going to post details until we hear for sure which should be this week.

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